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transforming transaction management

  • we transform transaction management

    Traxion exists to help elevate the social-impact quotient (SIQ) of ay business or organization it works with.

    We provide fair and trustworthy transaction management solutions for all elements of the business ecosystem.

  • we enable human transactional interoperability

    Traxion, using enterprise-grade blockchain and other leading-edge technology, is dedicated to helping businesses deliver 100% interoperability across every participant,

    thus ensuring a maximum perception of trust and fairness while reducing operational inefficiencies.

  • we give fair access to all

    We understand that the key to boosting the global economy lies in unlocking the largest segment of the world’s population: the bottom of the pyramid.

    We at Traxion believe that a fully engaged economy can only be achieved if all members have fair access to it.

    Fair access is manifested through real numbers, trustworthy information, and parity of offerings.

the bigger picture




Focused on those at the bottom of the pyramid

TraXion exists to help elevate the social-impact quotient (SIQ) of any business or organization it works with through transformative technology. Our goal is to ensure fairness for the most underserved segments of society by giving them access to the same services and benefits available to the rest of society.

Ann Cuisia

Our Products

Future-proof and transform the way you do your business

  • A simple and secure way to pay bills conveniently without the need to stand in the lines

  • Bookit is a user-friendly web-based application where you can now manage bookings and endorse your business faster.

  • A digital platform made interoperable among members of cooperatives to extend financial inclusion to their members.

  • The Philippines’ most popular crowdfunding platform, which makes it easy to request and give money for those in need.

  • Empower Micro Businesses by providing a credit facility or be the bank that supports our credit ecosystem.

  • All-in-one solution that enables construction companies to monitor and update projects, manage resources and track equipment.

  • An insurance and investment platform offering both products and advisory to those who want to be financially sure about their future.

  • Mobile Wallet with Expense Allocation AI and Tracker to financially equip every salaried Filipino by the age of 65.

  • Traxionpay is a payment collection platform aggregating numerous online and offline facilities to cater to a wide array of businesses

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